Forum For People's Awareness

  • Category: INGO/NGO
  • No. Of Employees: 11 - 15
  • Country: Nepal
  • City: Sandhikharka
  • Address: Sandhikharka 1 Arghakhanchi
  • Phone: 077420337
  • Secondary Phone: 9857029661
  • Description:

    FOPA,  an  Arghakhanchi-based  NGO  established  in  1998. FOPA  has  been  a  long  partner  with  Oxfam  and  possesses  experiences  of  delivering  programmes  with  EU, UNDP, AUSAID/NEAT, HAIFER INTERNATIONAL,government of Nepal etc Forum for People's Awareness is a national, non-profit making, non-political and secular organization. Its aims is to actively work for the rights and empowerment of backward community, indigenous, Dalit, Haliya, landless, men, women, children, in terms of socio-economic, political, and cultural rights.  Further, it works on promoting democracy, good governance, human rights long with non-formal education, natural resources protection, skill development and income generation activities. Along with these activities, it aims to bring about sustainable community development of the rural communities of Nepal through the implementation of community-based demand-driven programmes. Recently, the organization is implementing Building Economic Resilience (BER) program in partnership with the OXFAM Nepal in Arghakhachi district. FOPA has focused on fostering rural livelihood improvement through cooperatives. The Project is aimed to increase financial access for seasonal migrants' families for  improving livelihood and economic opportunities. For the support of the program, the project has planned "ToT on financial literacy (Advance course) .  Now FOPA is looking for qualified and experienced trainer for that purpose.

    Migration for employment to India from remote rural area of Nepal is huge. Most of the seasonal migrants from these areas go to various cities of India to work mostly as porters and construction workers. Majority of the seasonal migrants express unemployment in their communities as the major cause for migrating as jobs are guaranteed in the Indian markets. Unemployment is caused by the low private sector investment in the community as well as lack of access to productive resources limiting their chances to fully utilize the time and capacity. Due to unemployment and lack of financial awareness, people tend to follow irrational financial practices, such as burrow from costly medium such as the local loan sharks. This results in the high debts. With no other way out, people are forced to migrate to India. However, there is a trend to follow fellow villagers to India even if the income is fairly sustainable for the family without the remittance money. Most of the migrant workers to India are very poor and migrate for subsistence. Some do not have land, while some do not have access to productive resources such as irrigation water. It can be perceived that target population are trapped in a chain reaction created by poverty, high debts, lack of financial knowledge and access to financial services, unemployment and migration. The situation is even worsened as the migrant workers do not use the formal remitting channel from India and lose money due to theft, robbery, bribery, cheating etc. 


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