Thakali Restaurant

  • Category: Resturant
  • No. Of Employees: 16+
  • Country: Nepal
  • City: Surkhet
  • Address: Birendranagar, Surkhet
  • Phone: 9844892962
  • Description:

    In recent years, Thakali Khana is becoming popular in Surkhet, and many Thakali restaurants are mushrooming in the city. If you are wondering where to go, here is the list of best restaurants serving delicious authentic Thakali taste. One easy way to find whether the Thakali Khana they serve is authentic or not is by checking the daal, which is central to the flavor of the whole dish. Daal must be prepared either from black lentils or locally grown beans from Mustang, and with ghee-jimbu tempering  (jhanne). Instead of rice, you may also like to try buckwheat dhido (porridge-like) in Thakali Khana set. 


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