usha bal vatika secondary school

  • Category: education
  • No. Of Employees: 16+
  • Country: Nepal
  • City: birendranager-6
  • Address: Birendranager surkhet
  • Phone: 9858041764
  • Description:

    Usha School of Athletics is an organization dedicated to advancing promotion and practice of sports at possible levels with state-of- the-art facilities in athletic skill development. The school seeks to provide valuable resources for athletes with high athletic achievement goals through independent research study activities, application of new technologies and development of new specialized training programs and training aids. Usha School of Athletics is the brainchild of Olympian PT Usha, the Golden Girl of India and a few sports lovers in Kerala.

    As an academy committed to promotion and practice of sports at all possible levels without any discrimination and with total transparency, Usha School intends to facilitate a safe and positive environment for athletes to nurture their talents. With your help, your contributions, whether big or small – we will strive to provide sport and education programs to every child who wants to participate and grow.


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