Frequently Asked Questions

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After posting a job in

Your job post will be reviewed and approved by our quality assurance department.

Then your job post gets displayed in

After that some of the applicants may apply to your job via our job apply system (by clicking on "apply now" button).

If an applicant applies to your job via our system, then the applicants will be listed in your "View Applicants" section which is in your "My Account" section.

To see the details about an applicant you can click on the respective show icon.

By default the status of the applicant will be in waiting for review option.
You can change the status of an applicant by clicking on other options available in status section.

By default all the applicants status will be in "waiting for review" state. And if you don't change the status of the applicants from "waiting for review" to any other states available with in 6 days from applied date of an applicant, then our system will automatically send an email to that applicant saying "visit for interview". So, if you don't want our system to automatically send an email to an applicant you need to regularly check the applicants in your job and change their status to any other state other the "waiting for review" according to your desire.