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Job Description of Store Keeper Job In Nepal Should work under the supervision of accountant and in close collaboration with store keeper & help maintaining the stock Receive the materials from the suppliers, check the receipt base on the p.o. Responsible for arranging, preservation, recording & issue of  the items To supervise the duty of staff under his control Responsible
Job Description Determining  coordination with all department and other related resources requirements of the company and developing and submitting plans and programs for necessary approval Assigning tasks to employees in each department. Executing plans and programs after obtaining necessary approval Ensuring the record keeping of approved posts and posting and making arrangements for fulfilling vacant posts through internal promotion or
We are looking for a delivery boy or a man is the one who gets not just your food but anything that you order and wish to get it delivered to your house. Delivery person is a profession, not just used at various food outlets but also other stores where you get all the products you could order for and

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