October 3, 1998

About Candidate

Hello, I’m Badal Pokharel, and I’m passionate about providing top-notch Software & IT Outsourcing solutions to enhance client delivery. I specialize in connecting businesses with skilled remote workforce teams, optimizing operations, reducing costs, and boosting productivity.

As a Software & IT Outsourcing expert, I excel in building and managing remote teams, enabling organizations to access global talent. I prioritize effective communication and collaboration, ensuring projects run seamlessly. My dedication to enhancing client delivery involves analyzing existing processes, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing efficient IT outsourcing solutions. This results in faster project completion, improved customer satisfaction, and increased competitiveness.

I’m well-versed in various technologies, including Node.js, React.js, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, and more. I have hands-on experience in software development, REST APIs, web development, and project planning. My commitment to continuous learning keeps me up-to-date with industry trends.

With a Business Development and Marketing background, I’ve honed my skills in team organization, teamwork, event planning, and communication. My experience includes brand building, client meetings, digital branding, and marketing strategy development.

I hold a Master of Technology (MTech) in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Information Technology from Rungta College of Engineering & Technology Kohka-Kurud Bhilai.


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